The Water, as a key asset of the Combrailles provides a rich a diverse aquatic wildlife. Whether rivers or ponds, the Combrailles are full of popular fishing spots. Beginers have the opportunity to follow angling guides in order to experiment a lovely moment with the fishes and the water.


Some fantastic fishing spots

Coeur de Combrailles spreads from Chancelade to the South until l’Étang des Planches”to the North and the territory is limited by the Sioule River to the West. A good area for angling.


Fishing spots in Coeur de Combrailles and Châteauneuf-les-Bains
Spots Trouts Pikes Carps
The Sioule River x    
Queuille’s Dam   x  
Les Fades   x x
Chancelade   x x
Étang du Chevalet   x x
Étang du Cheix   x x
Étang Philippe   x x
Étang des Planches   x x

For more information about the regulation of these different spots, please get in touch with the tourist office.


What about getting a fishing-tour ?

A pool of professional fishers is waiting for you. Get a tour around our fishing spots with a guide to discover and enjoy the pleasure of angling. Besides, The Tourist Office offers a guidebook “Destination Pêche” providing all the information about fishing in Combrailles. Withdraw this manual from the tourist offices over the territory.