Sauret-Besserve, the 1000 wonders place

La SIoule à Chambonnet - C.RosnetSauret-Besserve is a lovely village of the Combrailles, like dozens. Yet, Sauret-Besserve keeps a lot of secrets to anyone who want to discover this piece of Combrailles.

Ideally placed by the Sioule River Valley, Sauret-Besserve offers several spots from where the view is breathtaking. There, with its 450m length, the Fades Viaduct crosses the valley. Its towers built in traditional masonry, remain the highest ever built using such technic. At the foot of this colossus, many streams flow. Over one of these streams is the 3 Tanks Fall, by the village of Chambonnet. There, in the woods, the water flows into three successive natural tanks before flowing into the Sioule River.

Sauret-Besserve and its hamlets are filled with little treasures. To uncover these wonders, the Tourist Office has edited a range of hiking sheets. Find these sheets by the different Tourist Offices over the territory.