Coeur de Combrailles is a rural area where harvests, Local Celebrations and agricultural contests give the year its tempo.


The rural Heritage in the heart of Combrailles

Les Sabots des CombraillesWhereas the districts of Saint-Eloy les Mines and Les Ancizes-Comps are industrial districts, Coeur de Combrailles is a rural area. This heritage comes from the 19th and the 20th centuries when the territory knew an economic pic in the agricultural domain. From this period, the Local Celebrations have continued in order to save the tradition. Hay Celebration in Espinasse or the Harvest Feast in Saint-Gervais d’Auvergne are some of these traditional meeting for people over the area.


The Charolais, Queen of the Combrailles

Charolaise dans la brume des CombraillesThe farming of Charolais is the main economic resource of the district. The Charolais Contest takes place in November and it has been a testimony of this rural heritage. The contest gathers farmers for Puy-de-Dôme and the neighboring departments. It is a major event for the local life.